Time to Give Back

After more than 30 years of working with some of the finest Remodelers and Renovators in the business, we are facing new challenges in our industry.

We want to give back to an industry that has supported us through good times and bad, and so we've created Build Aid, a free event to help support our members, associates, and friends in the remodeling community.

Join us on April 1-2 as we explore various ways your business can navigate these tough times, and position yourselves as a leader when the world begins to recover and re-build.

An Online Event

24 of the industry's most brilliant minds come together to help guide you through this crisis

Our virtual conference center includes:

  • Session Hall: Where each presentation will be live-streamed to your desktop or mobile device.
  • Sponsor Pavilion: Visit virtual booths to learn more from our partners that helped make this possible.
  • Networking Lounge: Connect with speakers, staff and other attendees, or catch up on news and thoughts from our social media feed.

Victoria Downing

Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson

Paul Winans

Mark Harari

Sean McCadden

Shawn McCadden

Tom Cohn

Dr. Steve O. Steff

Spencer Powell

Tim Faller

Chris Dana

Doug Howard

Jackie Shaw

Jackie Shaw

Dave Bryan

Michael Anschel

Bran Futral

Jeff Borovitz

Chip Doyle

Chip Doyle

Judith Miller

Judith Miller

Kyle Hunt

Kyle Hunt

Marian Faller

Emily Dauster

Scott Jackson

Erika Taylor

Cade Bryan

Two-days of presentations, downloads, tools, tips, and panel discussions with the remodeling industry’s best and brightest.


Full agenda with speaker details coming soon!

*Speakers and topics subject to change

Build-Aid is a not-for-profit event. The contributions of our sponsors are helping subsidize the significant expense involved in organizing and operating this event, building the web-platform, development costs, and streaming services.